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SWS trays are a really high-value transport and storage solution for our customers’ components. Customer-specific deep-drawn trays make transport very secure. They can be single or multiple use.

Material: PS, PP, PE, PET, PVC, ABS
Width: up to 960 mm
Length: up to 560 mm
Depth: up to 400 mm

Complex geometries? We can package them!

As well as tray packaging, SWS Packaging also offers the production of moulded technical plastic parts. The combination of different processing methods such as deep-drawing, milling, bending, laser cutting, screwing and riveting allows the production of both simple deep-drawn parts or bends and parts with complex geometries.


sws web teaser 600x450 produkte blistergurte 1 1
sws web teaser 600x450 produkte blistergurte 1 1

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Do you need quality transport and storage solutions in deep-drawn trays? We can even deliver complex geometries to your individual requirements.

Write to us with your request. The SWS Packaging team will be happy to get back to you as quickly as possible.

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