Internal development:
More effective in future.

The new Shop Floor Management (SFM) system from SWS Packaging enables optimised internal collaboration within SWS teams and leads to clearly improved processes.
As part of the ‘Unternehmens-Wert: Mensch plus’ (Company value: People plus) project, the SWS LAB team has worked with Dr Klaus Reichert, an innovation and corporate development coach, to come up with an impressive solution.

Supervision and management roles within production have been optimised. Processes are continuously improved based on refined collaboration between management and employees. Communication has also been significantly improved and made more transparent. In addition to the improvement process, SWS Shop Floor Management consists of four key elements: management, communication, visualisation and structured problem solving.

The LAB team members from various departments are playing an active role, with in-depth research, reference site visits to customers, frequent brief meetings and intensive collaboration over periods of months to produce the desired result within three working phases. The methodology learned in line with the Shop Floor Management system will be applied to all future projects, thus leading to considerably more effective processes and workflows.

In future, SWS employees will be more heavily involved, the trust relationship between management and employees will be improved further and identification with the company, the role and the team will develop favourably.

LAB team leader Filippo Chiara (Carrier Tape Department Manager) is very positive about the approach: “Treading new paths together, giving employees the opportunity to get involved and promoting and utilising social dynamics – these are all motivational factors that will help SWS Packaging succeed.”

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