Taping service
Automated from punching strip

Efficiency is our watch-word.

You provide the material to be packaged in punching strips on rolls. We ensure efficient, perfect packaging on carrier tape. An automated process separates the parts to be packaged in an isolation tool. The parts are then positioned in the carrier tape directly or by ‘pick and place’, securely sealed and rolled onto reels. Would you like the parts to be remodelled in a punching tool during this process? That is possible too!

The automated SWS packaging processes offer maximum process stability. The SWS packaging service provides top-notch quality and flexibility while increasing production performance, especially for sensitive contact parts and surfaces. We will stake our reputation on it. The SWS Packaging team.


sws web teaser 600x450 produkte blistergurte 1 1
sws web teaser 600x450 produkte blistergurte 1 1

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Do you produce your components on punching strips on rolls? We can package them on carrier tape for you. It’s absolutely efficient.

Write to us with your request. The SWS Packaging team will be happy to get back to you as quickly as possible.

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